Introducing Nat Geo Wear sneakers: the Contour and Roca. The Contour jogger reflects the classic running shoe and the Roca, a skateboarders sneaker. Each style is a reinterpretation of legacy sneaker icons. Both built to move in. Built for exploring. 

Creating a new classic. The Nat Geo Wear Contour jogger is built for everyday adventure. A cushioned mesh insole for comfort and ventilation and a highly-elastic midsole to optimise shock absorption when running. The best feature, the outer soles grip features Nat Geo’s iconic map contour design treatment. 

A take on the classic skateboard sneaker, the Roca is a cupsole shoe, designed to ‘cup’ your foot for ultimate comfort. Made from luxurious soft-action leather, with a cushioned insole and heel protection. The mid-sole is made from 4cm thick durable Phylon and rubber for extra cushioning. Finally, the contour-line shaped o have a non-slip function. Layered comfort with simple and classic look and feel. 


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“A little bit of everything wonderful, that’s all you need;
[to] make your heart race, make you happy…”

Valerie Taylor, OAM – Conservationist, Diver & Photographer.