National Geographic is a purpose driven brand. We explore new ideas and innovative practices across the brand, from the stories we tell, the materials sourced, our packaging, store builds and activations.  YOUR PURCHASE HAS PURPOSE
Every purchase helps support the global non-profit National Geographic Society in its work to protect and illuminate our world through exploration, research, and education. 


At National Geographic Store, we have taken measures to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging we use in our retail stores and shipping online orders. Our satchels are made from 100% recycled materials and can be reused and recycled again; minimal materials are used in the packing to reduce waste; and our paper comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests. 

When you purchase from a physical National Geographic Store, we offer re-useable tote bags in lieu of single use shopping bags. Our tote bags are made from 65% recycled cotton and 35% recycled PET. They feature the iconic yellow portal printed onto the bag using an eco-friendly heat transfer process. National Geographic Store tote bags are designed to be durable, kept and re-used.

As a brand that champions innovation and education in our storytelling, we also apply these ideas practically. Our retail stores have been designed to be practical and modular; taking on the form of a gallery space, able to adapt seasonally to new ideas using the same core fixtures.

The iconic National Geographic yellow portal that features in each store has been developed as a 3D printed object with the School of Design team at RMIT University, Melbourne. Developed from a bio-based plastic and entirely compostable, the unique design process of the portal, demonstrates the power of science and research and how it can contribute to a more progressive and sustainable future. Read more about the unique design journey, challenges and innovative practice.

Our BLUEWAVE® hangers created with Arch & Hook are made from 100% recycled ocean bound plastic, marine plastic and recycled post-consumer plastic, collected predominantly from four of the most polluting rivers in the world. At the end of their lifespan BLUEWAVE® hangars can be recycled to remake new hangars, making them completely circular. Read more about how this technology helps to support our oceans. 

Made from recyclable bio resin and viscose fibres, all our mannequins are circular in design. This ensures durability and an extended life span in the reusable cycle of materiality.

Circularity is an important practice we have woven throughout other touchpoints the store design, including; working with Australia and New Zealand’s leading textile recycling company, Upparel to produce our seat cushions through their textile reuse and repurposing process; and utilising EchoPanel throughout our visual display installations, made from 60% post-consumer PET plastic bottles this material is also 100% recyclable.STORYTELLING
Our campaigns and content highlight real people and real stories, building on National Geographic’s legacy of storytelling and ensuring the people creating change in the world have another platform to share their stories.

Read about our AW23 campaign here