Introducing an icon: reinterpreted. National Geographic Wear is testament to the idea that evolution is both exciting and inevitable. It speaks to the human journey, our experiences and the new environments in which we discover and explore. We welcome this newness. We embrace it. We wear it with a sense of pride.

It transcends generations and experiences; allowing the stories of an icon and pioneer of ocean conservation, Valerie Taylor, OAM, to inspire model and environmental science student, Astrid Holler. Alongside them are Pierce Jones, a proud Bundjalung man with a deeply rooted connection to land spanning generations, and Zac Panyar, an African refugee with a unique journey, creating a new life in this country. Together, they are the faces of our launch campaign for National Geographic Wear, captured by photographer Bartolomeo Celestino at Cathedral Rocks in New South Wales.

A distinct journey for each talent, all connected by their passion and curiosity for life, nature, and people, sharing the ideas that connect past, present and future. They embody the belief that through interest in the world, we can change it. Always moving. Looking forward. Wearing their experiences. Wearing their journey.

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“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float.

To gain all while you give.

To roam the roads of lands remote.

To travel is to live."

Hans Christian Andersen, Author.